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Dreaming of South Africa

Dreaming of South Africa

Belgium and South Africa. At first you might think these two countries have nothing in common visually, yet the challenge #beinsouthafrica wants you to prove otherwise. Using your creativity, this Instagram challenge will have you share a picture that looks as if it was taken in South Africa when actually you never left Belgian territory. It’s not only fun to do, the winner also gets a nice price!


South Africa seems to have it all as a travel destination, combining exciting city life with wild nature. As a real city person, my attention first and foremost is drawn to Johannesburg and Cape Town, with the later appearing as a real heart stealer. From what I can see on the Instagram page ontmoetzuidafrika and other sources, Cape Town is total ‘Gerrit and the City’ material with its vintage boutiques, trendy restaurants and colorful townhouses. But that’s not all! You can have a taste of some local wines in one of the vineyards, meet African penguins at Boulders Beach, see the iconic Table Mountain and visit one of the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens, all in and around Cape Town.

Of course I think any trip to Africa wouldn’t be complete without exploring some wilderness and the options here for seem unlimited, from coastlines to deserts. Among the many spectacular national parks of South Africa, the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga strikes me the most for it is home to lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants and Cape buffalo (collectively known as the ‘big five’)!

That’s why I’m really excited about this #beinsouthafrica challenge and I hope I make a chance to win two flight tickets with my wilderness picture. I was inspired by South Africa’s pristine nature to go to Knokke and brave the crazy winds in order to get the perfect shot with the Zwin nature reserve as background. And you, what will be your inspiration?

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