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Prague Citytrip • Part two

Prague Citytrip • Part two

With its cobbled streets and colorful architecture, Prague is a really pleasant city to wander in. The fact that it is relatively small (you can do most of your itineraries by foot) and pretty cheap, makes it very accessible. As for the Czech people, though they kind of keep to themselves, in the end most of them are actually sweet. To make the most of your journey, book a room in the historic center, or 'Prague 1'.

 The Municipal House

The Municipal House


Breakfast at Café Imperial | Na Poříčí 15, 110 00 Praha 1

The breakfast menu at Café Imperial is pretty regular, but the interior is anything but! With its impressive ceramics, golden details and engraved pillars, this Art Deco café is sure to have you mesmerized. It is so beautiful I actually didn't pay attention to the fact the personnel treated us so badly. From what we observed, it appears they dislike tourists, which is kind of a problem when your café is part of a hotel...

Visit of the Mucha Museum | Kaunický Palác, Panská 7, 110 00 Praha 1

Although you may not know his name, if you're a fan of Art Nouveau, chances are high you're familiar with Alphonse Mucha's poetic illustrations combining vegetation and beautiful women. Mucha grew up in the Czech Republic and became famous after he moved to Paris where he made theatrical posters for Sarah Bernhardt. Over time, he became one of Czech's most famous artists and contributed to many of its landmarks. The museum dedicated to his him is a little bit disappointing because of the limited number of works on display, but it does give a lot of insights into his art.

Lunch at Au Gourmand | Dlouhá 614/10, 110 00 Praha 1

For a quick, decent and cheap lunch, you can go to this cute bakery that has seats in the back. The interior is quite beautiful with its tiled floors and ornamented mirrors, and the menu offers multiple options such as wraps, croques, salads, etc.

Visit of the Municipal House | nám. Republiky 5, 111 21 Staré Město

The Municipal House is a temple of Art Nouveau and the Czech Republic's most important cultural venue hosting concerts, operas and ballets. To discover the deco magic happening inside, you have to book a guided tour (you can do so in the morning when walking to the Mucha Museum). This will take you through the impressive Concert Hall and the multiple rooms where guests would sit before and after the show, among which the Mayor's Hall that was entirely decorated by Mucha. For some refreshments before or after your visit, I recommend the Kavárna Café (on the Municipal House's ground floor) for even more Art Nouveau opulence.

Walk in Pařížská

One of Prague's most beautiful streets is Paris Street, with its Art Nouveau buildings and lines of trees. This also happens to be the street where you'll find all the luxury boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Rolex.

Right next to it stands the Old New Synagogue, the oldest active Jewish house of worship of Europe (it dates back to 1270). This is just one of many sights you can find in the former Jewish quarter 'Josefov', which has been remarkably preserved (legend has it this district was preserved from destruction during war because Hitler wanted to turn it into a sort of open air museum after his annihilation of the Jewish people).

Visit of the Old Town Square

The biggest and most historic square of Prague is exactly the way I imagined it to be: entirely pedestrian, open and surrounded by picturesque facades. One particular spot draws crowds every hour. It is the Astronomical Clock set on the Old Town Hall that briefly comes alive as the statues of the apostles parade behind small windows. If you're longing for more panoramic views (in case you didn't get enough of them in the previous two days), you can go up to the top of the building.

Visit of the Municipal Library | Mariánské nám. 98/1, 110 00 Praha 1

Even though your visit to the Municipal Library will probably be short, I think it's worth it. Not only is it a jewel of Art Deco with lots of marble, perfect symmetries and geometrical shapes, it also houses an intriguing work of art in the form of an infinite tunnel of books (right in front of you when you enter).

Drinks at Café Louvre | Národní 22, 110 00 Praha 1

The best place to have drinks in style is Café Louvre. Its pink walls and expansive windows will undoubtedly win you over, but it's even more attractive when you know this café was frequented by Kafka and Einstein and has existed since 1902!

On your way to the restaurant, make sure to stop at the Dancing House, an architectural jem by Frank Gehry (you know him from the Fondation Louis Vuitton) and Croation-Czech architect Vlado Milunić.

Dinner at Radost FX | Bělehradská 234/120, 120 00 Praha 2

I read somewhere that vegetarians simply had to go to Radost FX. And in a way that is true: their 100% veggie menu is a dream come true. All of the world's cuisines are represented, from Asian, to Italian, to Mexican, making it really difficult to pick just one dish. Plus, it's cheap and delicious! What I didn't know is that Radost FX is also home to a bar and a very famous club. As for the interior, it looks as if a drag queen exploded in there! Not so very tasteful, but definitely an experience.


If you're into local fashion and design, you can spend an extra day visiting some of Prague's most inspirational boutiques.

Breakfast at Bakeshop |  Kozí 918/1, 110 00 Praha 1

For a casual breakfast sitting at a counter behind the window, I recommend this cute bakery. They have all sorts of pastries (as well as a killer chai latte) and if you're in the mood for something healthy, they've got plenty of juices too.

 Zara shirt - Topman trousers - Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Zara shirt - Topman trousers - Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Shopping in Prague 1

At Czech Labels & Friends (Železná 489/12) you can find qualitative clothing from local designers, among which some specialize in recycled materials. You'll find many minimal pieces that are all about the precision of cut. Debut Gallery (Malé nám. 458/12) is a renowned concept store where you'll find items from some of the best Czech and Polish designers. There is lots of fine jewelry and prices are higher. The vibe is totally different at Parazit (Karlova 25), a hole in the wall that looks like a thrift shop where you'll find pieces from freshly graduated students. At Kurator (Karoliny Světlé 1035/17), the charming owner Martina enjoys presenting local designers that are all about organic materials and sustainability. Whereas at Leeda (Bartolomějská 304/1) you'll find more of that minimal approach with monochrome clothing that's beautifully cut.

 Czech Labels & Friends

Czech Labels & Friends

 Debut Gallery

Debut Gallery



Lunch and more at Styl&Interier | Vodičkova 708/35, 110 00 Praha 1

At Styl&Interier you can grab a bite to eat and you can also purchase all of the items on display. The style is English Cottage and the menu has some very tasty looking options (quiches, salads, daily specials). If the weather allows it, you should definitely ask for a table in the back where they have the cutest garden!

Practical information:
Upon your arrival at the airport, you can buy a 3-day Prague Card that will give you unlimited access to public transport and free entrance at most of Prague's attractions (it costs approximately €70,00). To go from the airport to the city center, you can take the bus known as the Airport Express.

Prague Citytrip • Part one

Prague Citytrip • Part one