All in Ghent & Bruges

Another weekend in Meetjesland

I remember my first acquaintance with Meetjesland as a relaxing experience, far from the city hustle, enjoying beautiful nature and small villages. This second time around was no different! With its many hiking and biking trails, Meetjesland is the perfect getaway for those looking to clear their mind and get a taste of rural life. Add a wonderful B&B and an exceptional gastronomic restaurant to that and you got yourself the finest equation to fully recharge your batteries over the weekend!

A weekend in Ghent

Ghent can be found in the top of my list of favorite cities and the reason why is fairly obvious: it has everything! Not only is it one of the most beautiful Flemish cities thanks to its rich history and architectural patrimony, at the same time it is incredibly modern and dynamic. There is no other place in Belgium where contemporary design, art, fashion, gastronomy and music blend so perfectly with the past. Add a human scale and a veggie predilection to that and you get why I'm hooked on this city.

A weekend in Meetjesland

By now you all know I'm a real city person. But, every now and then it is a real delight to go back to nature to unwind, far from the city hustle. I recently discovered a region called 'Meetjesland' in the North of Ghent which is just right for that. Beautiful fields and large forests make it the most relaxing getaway. And since this land is surprisingly flat, it is perfect to be explored by bike!

Brunch & Culture • Museum of Fine Arts Ghent

Ghent is a wonderful city to visit and I'll surely write some more about it when the sunny days are back, but for now I want to tell you about one of its museums: the MSK, short for 'Museum voor Schone Kunsten'. Thanks to my research I learned the museum had a rich and varied collection spanning centuries, still I had no idea I would enjoy my visit so much! But more about that in a second. First, in true 'Gerrit and the City' fashion, let's have some brunch.

A day in Bruges

There is no other place like Bruges in Belgium. With its authentic medieval architecture and picturesque canals, the so-called "reien", the city really is fairy tale material. Thanks to its water connection to the sea, the "Venice of the North" has been wealthy for centuries, having its golden age in the 15th century. Fortunately the inner city stayed intact ever since, making it a World Heritage Site of Unesco for everybody to enjoy. Go ahead and be a tourist in your own country, it feels wonderful. And there are even some hotspots to discover. Follow me!