All in Flemish & Walloon Brabant

A day in Waterloo

Did you know there are over 100 places in the world called Waterloo? And they all got their name from the Belgian location where Napoleon was defeated in 1815. The memorial dedicated to the historical battle that would change Europe's destiny is reason enough to visit this city in the Walloon Brabant, but there's more to it. Its commercial center is really pleasant and home to a few great spots that I gladly share with you. Follow me!


Every year in April, the magic of spring turns the Hallerbos into an enchanted place. Countless wild bluebell hyacinths bloom to form a purple blue carpet that reaches as far as the eye can see. The sight of it is breathtaking and as such it is considered as one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons of Europe. This fairy tale scenery only lasts for a few weeks so hurry over there!

Coloma Rose Garden

I once read somewhere that "travel and adventure are a way of life for rose-lovers". This quote made it crystal clear that the rose is my signature flower. It comes as no surprise then that the Coloma Rose Garden in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw is one of my favorite places to go to in summer. A little piece of paradise where I feel like I jumped into the world of Alice in Wonderland. The fragrances and the colors of the thousands of roses make it a sensational experience. As a rose garden of international level, it is a true hidden gem of Belgium.

A day in Leuven

Everybody knows Leuven as a student city. But it’s also a great place to visit after your academic years! Leuven is located near the village I grew up so I’m very familiar with it. But it’s only in recent years that I started looking for its hidden treasures. Because it’s rather small, I feel very at ease when coming here, since there’s not much pressure in terms of things to do. Hereunder you may find my travel journal of a Saturday spent in this cute, historic, down-to-earth city.