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Another day in Antwerp with the City Card

Antwerp has so much to offer, you can easily spend an entire weekend exploring its cultural spots. The City Card giving you free access in museums is therefore also available in a 48 hours format. In this sequel I take you on a journey through secrets gardens, discovering stories of music, books and Baroque treasures. And since we're talking about spending two days in Antwerp, I have found the perfect place for you to stay!

A weekend in Hasselt • Part two

If you wish to stay in Hasselt, I highly recommend Villa Saporis. This beautiful hotel is a listed monument in Hasselt and is just a 10 minutes' walk away from the city center. They have 9 rooms, each with a different atmosphere (and a different price). You can go for comfort in the Saffraan room or you can go for luxurious indulgence in the Engelkruid Suite.