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Winter in Ostend

I've been going to Ostend in summer for several years now, but this year I got to rediscover the city as a winter destination. As temperatures drop, the city at the seaside transforms into a pre-Christmas haven, complete with ice skating rink and hundreds of light decorations. And since Ostend is also all about shopping, a trip in December is the perfect occasion to find all your Christmas presents while enjoying the winter magic. So grab your coat and your gloves and follow me!

A day in Ostend • Sights

In Dutch there is this word "uitwaaien", which literally means "to walk in the wind". That is exactly what the seaside is all about for me. Walking on the beach and forgetting everything. More than any other place, the coast gives me a real feeling of getaway inside my own country. And Ostend is one of my favorite cities on the coast because it has so much to offer. Not only is the city really alive, with lots of great initiatives, but it also has a rich history. During the Belle Époque, Ostend was the place to be for the rich and famous and you can find architectural gems reminiscent of Ostend's glorious past all over the city. Follow me!