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Another weekend in Meetjesland

I remember my first acquaintance with Meetjesland as a relaxing experience, far from the city hustle, enjoying beautiful nature and small villages. This second time around was no different! With its many hiking and biking trails, Meetjesland is the perfect getaway for those looking to clear their mind and get a taste of rural life. Add a wonderful B&B and an exceptional gastronomic restaurant to that and you got yourself the finest equation to fully recharge your batteries over the weekend!

A weekend in Meetjesland

By now you all know I'm a real city person. But, every now and then it is a real delight to go back to nature to unwind, far from the city hustle. I recently discovered a region called 'Meetjesland' in the North of Ghent which is just right for that. Beautiful fields and large forests make it the most relaxing getaway. And since this land is surprisingly flat, it is perfect to be explored by bike!

Plantentuin Meise

As nature comes back to life, so does my obsession with flowers. It is usually around this time of the year that I go back to the 'Plantentuin Meise' located just outside of Brussels. With its 18 000 plant species, Belgium's botanical garden is one of world class. It lies on the Bouchout Domain that is 94 hectares big so you can easily spend an entire day walking the trails, soaking up the floral fragrances and relaxing next to the water. The perfect plan on a sunny Sunday if you ask me!

Coloma Rose Garden

I once read somewhere that "travel and adventure are a way of life for rose-lovers". This quote made it crystal clear that the rose is my signature flower. It comes as no surprise then that the Coloma Rose Garden in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw is one of my favorite places to go to in summer. A little piece of paradise where I feel like I jumped into the world of Alice in Wonderland. The fragrances and the colors of the thousands of roses make it a sensational experience. As a rose garden of international level, it is a true hidden gem of Belgium.