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Brunch & Culture • Ursuline Winter Garden

It is no secret I have a thing for Art Nouveau, as I mentioned in a previous article dedicated to a part of Brussels. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered there was a genuine Art Nouveau jewel hidden somewhere outside of Mechelen. The convent complex of the Ursuline nuns has many hallways and rooms to be discovered, but the masterpiece is without a doubt its Winter Garden with colorful canopy! I'm happy to walk you through it, but first, let's have some brunch!

A day in Mechelen

If I had to describe Mechelen in three words they would be small, charming & picturesque. Thanks to its record number of classified buildings, the city has a strong historical character. But in recent years, Mechelen has seen the appearance of many hotspots, attracting a new public. There are numerous lunch places and cute boutiques for you to enjoy and they're all on walking distance from each other. It is safe to say Mechelen has something for everyone!