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A weekend in 'Japanese' Hasselt

Kimono's, geisha's, zen gardens... No one can deny Japan has something fascinating. Luckily you don't need to fly 9.000 km to get a taste of the Land of the Rising Sun. The beautiful city of Hasselt not only offers culture, gastronomy and fashion, it also has many assets with a Japanese touch and 2017 is the most perfect year to experience all of it. To celebrate the 25th birthday of the Japanese Garden in Hasselt, they organize the Yokoso Festival (Japanese for 'welcome') with lots of special events. High time to plan a 48h city trip to the Belgian Capital of Taste!

A weekend in Hasselt • Part two

If you wish to stay in Hasselt, I highly recommend Villa Saporis. This beautiful hotel is a listed monument in Hasselt and is just a 10 minutes' walk away from the city center. They have 9 rooms, each with a different atmosphere (and a different price). You can go for comfort in the Saffraan room or you can go for luxurious indulgence in the Engelkruid Suite.

A weekend in Hasselt • Part one

Hasselt is often referred to as the "Hoofdstad van de Smaak" (the capital of taste) and that's not without a reason. In the city famous for its jenever and speculaas, you'll find plenty of restaurants and coffee houses, but also great shopping spots. Because the city center is rather small, everything is on walking distance, which makes it a very pleasant city to wander in. Regardless of the city's size, you can fill an entire weekend with things to do. Therefore I hope you enjoy this two part city guide of Hasselt!