All in Namur & Liège

A weekend in the Hautes Fagnes

Autumn makes me fall in love with nature year after year. As the leaves turn red and gold, I systematically feel myself drawn to the forest to enjoy this magnificent spectacle from up close. This year I decided to head to the East of the country on this occasion, to the Belgian Ardennes, where the country’s largest natural reserve can be found. The Hautes Fagnes is a unique area in Europe and truly a nature lover’s dream. Between the cities of Eupen, Montjoie, Malmedy and Spa, you can find the most picturesque hiking trails. And most hotels in the area boast a wellness center, turning your getaway into a complete relaxing experience.

A weekend in Liège

Not many people think of Liège as a city trip destination, meaning they miss out on the variety of things the ‘Cité ardente’ has to offer! Admittedly the city’s skyline isn’t the most picturesque with its chaotic mix of random architectural styles, but this shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying Liège’s many attractive spots, as well as its charming historic center. And let’s not forget the Liégeois themselves! Known for their festive spirit, the people from Liège have a distinct warmth and kindness that you’ll surely feel in shops and restaurants.

Brunch & Culture • La Cité Miroir

Remember when I told you about the sumptuous Art Deco swimming pool in Roubaix that was turned into a museum? I pleasantly discovered Liège is home to a similar cultural project! I'm a big fan of historic places that are given a new purpose, especially when it is done with great respect for the building's original state and beauty. As such, let me guide you through 'La Cité Miroir', a place that will surely satisfy your hunger for inspiration, in the same way 'Le Petit Pressoir' will satisfy your hunger for veggie food.

A day in Dinant

If you're a fan of natural elements, then you'll definitely enjoy Dinant. The Walloon city is all about water and stone, as it is set on the Meuse river and overlooked by its famous citadel standing on top of a high cliff. The city isn't very big, nor is it very modern, but its setting in the Meuse valley confers the city with a huge advantage for people looking for a change of scenery. You got it, Dinant is more proof that our Kingdom is rich in potential discoveries!

A day in Namur

If you're looking for a relaxed day out of shopping and eating, Namur might just be something for you! The atmosphere in the capital of Wallonia is very easy going and laid back, and because the center is rather small everything is on walking distance. It used to be difficult to find trendy places in Namur, but luckily newcomers put an end to that. Discover all my favorite spots in this city guide, as well as some of the most beautiful sights that testify of the rich history of the city!