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A day in Antwerp • Shopping

A day in Antwerp • Shopping

Antwerp is known as the Belgian capital of fashion and, as such, I’ve always felt very much drawn to this place. So much so that I’ve decided to move here almost one year ago! Antwerp has many exciting facets, from its rich history to a wide offer in terms of culture. And of course the city is a great shopping destination! I am delighted to tell you that my favorite boutiques are now part of the Antwerp online shopping guide and I gladly share these venues here with you too.

Kris Van Assche waistcoat - Raf Simons tank top - Asos trousers - Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Kris Van Assche waistcoat - Raf Simons tank top - Asos trousers - Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Les Soeurs | Wiegstraat 24, 2000 Antwerp

I come from a family of three brothers, so I love the idea of three sisters creating a boutique together. Jules, Kay and Clio share a passion for fashion and jewelry and bring together a colorful selection of items in their three stores across Belgium. Their Antwerp address is really cozy and boasts a surprising ceiling as well as furniture from Furnified (another favorite of mine). Girls can go lose on their dresses and their fantasy jewels, whereas I am systematically drawn to their deco items. I especially love their butterfly frames and cloches, one of which graces my apartment.

Les Soeurs.JPG

Essentiel | Huidevetterstraat 57-59 & Schuttershofstraat 42, 2000 Antwerp

In the fashion sphere, many people wear black and I used to do so too. But in recent years I’ve challenged myself not to turn to that safe option anymore and decidedly go for color. That’s one of the reason why I love Belgian brand Essentiel. They’re all about color, prints and refreshing mixes. There’s always an element of fun in their creations and the fact that this Belgian brand is now sold in 35 countries worldwide makes it a unique success story. The boutique for women on Huidevetterstraat is especially beautiful with lots of gold details, rich fabrics and terrazzo floors. Men can go to the store on Schuttershofstraat and for an offer that’s a little more budget friendly, you can go to their outlet store on Kammenstraat.

Essentiel Women.JPEG
Essentiel Men.JPG

Le Labo | Wapper 18, 2000 Antwerp

Most of my professional career has been in the cosmetics world, so naturally I have a strong interest in fragrances. Le Labo is a unique concept that fuses the traditional art of perfume making from Grasse with the edgy, contemporary energy of New York (hence the strong industrial vibe of the shop). They only have 16 fragrances but they’re all unisex and they are composed of the finest ingredients. You’ll pay a little extra, but you’re guaranteed to find a beautiful, complex and unique scent that fits you, thanks to the guidance of the friendly staff.

Le Labo.jpg

Moss | Volkstraat 11, 2000 Antwerp

People who know me will often describe me as a health freak. And I’ll admit I pay a lot of attention to my nutrition. This is just one of the reasons why I love Moss, since their food is known to be simple, pure and healthy. There’s a lot to choose from on their menu and breakfast is served all day long! Whether you’re in the mood for avocado toasts, eggs benedict or a sandwich, they got it. The same goes for drinks, with their fruity lemonades and chai latte as personal favorites. Enjoy it inside in their cute, Scandinavian interior, or on the terrace on the street when the sun’s out.

Moss 1.JPEG

Bolia | Kammenstraat 33, 2000 Antwerp

Next to fashion, I’m really passionate about interior decoration, as exemplified by the effort I put into decorating my new home. And entering at Bolia is always an inspirational experience. Their furniture is iconic of the best of Scandinavian design based on minimal shapes and rich materials. Obviously you don’t buy a couch every day, but their offer also includes many small items which are perfect to subtly renew your interior year after year. I love wandering the different rooms of the boutique over three floors, each reflecting a different mood or color. Basically I would redecorate my entire apartment each time I go there if I had my way!


Komono | Lombardenvest 18, 2000 Antwerp

I’ve been a fan of Belgian brand Komono for a while now. I feel very much inspired by their minimalist aesthetic which reminds me of modern architecture. I’ve had the chance to meet the team of Komono and this made my love affair with the brand only stronger, since they’re all young, dynamic and curious people. Every season they bring new designs of sunglasses and watches while staying true to their DNA. I’ve been wearing their Lennon sunglasses all summer long, whereas their Midnight Series of watches inspired by the ‘darkest moment just before dawn’ really resonated with me.

Komono 1.JPEG

Diamanti Per Tutti | Drukkerijstraat 12, 2000 Antwerp

Apart from being Belgium’s fashion capital, Antwerp is also the diamond capital of the world! Antwerp based brand Diamanti Per Tutti is the perfect embodiment of those two facets of the city: timeless diamonds made fashion, fun and accessible. With winter and summer collections, but also limited themed collections as well as exciting collaborations, there’s always something new to discover. Their designs are discreet yet outstanding by their uniqueness. Scrolling through their items, I always get a strong sense of refinement and they’re really committed to providing the best quality and service.

Diamanti Per Tutti.JPEG

Vrijdagmarkt6 | Vrijdagmarkt 6, 2000 Antwerp

The epitome of Antwerp fashion is of course composed of designers from the city itself, such as the famous Antwerp Six. Unfortunately their exquisite designs are usually out of reach for mere mortals like me. Which is why I’m a big fan of stores like Vrijdagmarkt6 where you can find items from these high end labels for a price closer to an average budget. Concretely their offer is composed of second hand clothing brought in by individuals and names such as Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten and Stephan Schneider grace their racks. I pop in regularly to check out their fresh arrivals since the boutique is located on one of my favorite Antwerp squares. One last thing: this address is for guys only (sorry girls!).


Me & My Monkey | Oever 18, 2000 Antwerp

In between all that shopping, I like to stop for something sweet and some tea. I keep coming back at Me & My Monkey for its laid-back atmosphere and its small, human size. With its vintage interior composed of mismatched items, it almost feels like you’re visiting your grandmother and I guess that’s what gives this place its cozy vibes. I don’t drink coffee, but for those who do there’s plenty of options to choose from. Whether hot or iced, spicy of sweet, you’re guaranteed to find your drink. And I can never resist having a slice of homemade cake to go with it!

Me and my Monkey.jpg
Kris Van Assche waistcoat - Raf Simons tank top - Asos trousers - Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Kris Van Assche waistcoat - Raf Simons tank top - Asos trousers - Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

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