Decorating • The study

We have the luxury of having two other rooms besides the main bedroom. Obviously we turned one into a dressing (and even then half of my clothes are stored at my parents') and the other one became a study. The decoration of this room was a real success, even if I say so myself. It's almost picture perfect (I know most people find the idea of living in a catalog horrible but I love it). Because the room is small, there isn't much space for items so it's all about picking the few, right ones.

Decorating • The living room

I guess the living room is the most important room in your home. Not only because you're spending most of your time in it, but also because it should reflect who you are. Of course there are things that are a given, such as the light, the space and the materials. Still you're the one in charge when it comes to what the room will be saying, through your choices of furniture and decoration. Again our inspiration was mostly Scandinavian, with just a few elements that are pure 'Gerrit'.

Decorating • The hallway

A big hallway can be perceived as a curse. After all, it is space you lose for the other rooms. But you can easily turn it into a blessing by making it a room you feel happy coming home to. Again, Pinterest was a major source of inspiration. I realized the perfect hallway involves two things: a sideboard and a large round mirror. And the rest comes fairly easily. Come on in!

Decorating • The bedroom

The best part about moving in together in a new apartment with your boyfriend, apart from the fact that you're living together of course, is the part where you get to decorate. I've been living with Jérémy for some weeks now but I've actually been busy collecting interior items for months. Fueled by Pinterest and its countless Scandinavian interior pictures, I started "cheating on fashion with furniture" like Carrie Bradshaw before me. And then finally all those pieces we bought online came together in real life and they did so in the most perfect way. For this first "Cocooning" post, let me walk you through the bedroom, or as I like to call it, our cozy little jungle.